Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Fun

I haven't posted, but I have been working out. A lot. I have been running to the ward garden and back about twice a week, which is about 5K- but not quite. I say I make up for it with all the work I do at the garden. I have also been walking all over the place when I get the chance. Twice now I have gone running while Emma is at her piano lessons when Ross has been home to watch the others. There have also been some weather and sprinkler related problems that necessitated some heavy lifting of wet carpet, boxes, furniture, and buckets of water. Ross bought a new bike, so we have tested that out. Emma and I ran a 4K at our ward activity, and she did awesome.

All in all it has been a very active few weeks which has shown not in a loss of weight as I am still stuck at 140 (although at a few points last week it dipped to 138 when I was sick) but in some rather loose pants, and in personal strength. I can run faster and longer without being weary- which, when I am not being all catty and materialistic, is really what this is all about. :)

Tonight we have a ward ativity at the ward garden, so I will be running there and back again. Maybe I will get Emma to try and run one of the legs with me....

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