Monday, August 8, 2011

August 8th - 14th

I did awesome today. I went to my RS exercise group, which was crazy hard today. I walked to the church and back to enter the VT report. I ran to the ward garden and back, pushing Emma on her little bike on the dirt road parts. We even went the long way home so that was about 4 miles. THEN, Ross and I started the Hip Hop Abs program by doing the first cardio workout. I am tired, but proud of myself.

The kids and I walked to my visiting teaching houses, and I had to carry Jack with me. Ross and I also did Day 2 of the Hip Hop Abs program. Good day! We ate healthy as well except for a few E.L. Fudge cookies that might have snuck in there.

I went to my RS exercise group, and it really pushed me again today. They are doing a weight training program which is something I haven't ever done before, so it is all new to me. I love it. They are so supportive and funny, and they all bring their kids so it keeps my kids entertained for the most part. I worked in the garden for a bit, but we drove over since I HAD to get home for SYTYCD.... Ross and I did Day 3 of the Hip Hop Abs program, and we had a healthy dinner. I slacked by taking the kids to McDonald's today for lunch, but Emma had a not fun Dr.'s appointment and she wanted a Happy Meal afterward. I couldn't resist her sweet, sad face. I feel good though.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

AWESOME WEEK- With Hopefully Another to Come

So, I didn't lose any weight this last week- still at a solid 140. I might just toss the stupid scale. I hates it. BUT, I worked out every day this last week. Hard! I feel great, and my favorite jeans are fitting loser, and I am using a tighter notch on my belt. WOOT!

Monday, I did my weighted ball workout and went on a long walk with my girls.

Tuesday I ran to the ward garden and back (3.5 miles), walked to Book Club and back (.5 miles).

Wednesday I went to my RS exercise group and did the weighted ball workout and walked all over the dang place with my kiddos.

Thursday I ran to the garden and back, and even did a super long detour on the way home. I haven't clocked it, but I think it was almost 5 miles.

Friday I got my new Hip Hop Abs DVD in the mail. Yes, the one from the TV infomercial.... Ross and I did one of the cardio workouts and it was AWESOME!

Saturday we did another of the Hip Hop Abs cardio workouts. We mainly wanted to see what was in it. We also cleaned the house, did some yard work, and went coupon shopping. THEN we hosted a little dinner party at our house. We were DEAD tired when we went to bed that night.

Sunday we walked to church and back and I walked to choir and back.
NEXT WEEK we hope to start the Hip Hop Abs system in earnest. Did you notice the plural usage there? Ross said he will try and do it with me. I am excited. It is super fun!

I also plan to join the exercise group every time they meet this next week, which will be MWF for a couple hours each.

Ross and I are the ward garden specialists so we will be out there watering and weeding at least 3 times. I plan to run there EVERY time. I might let Emma ride her bike and run next to her or let her run one way with me.

Since my scale hates me, I am working more towards losing inches. I have to do pictures and measurements to start the Hip Hop Abs program the way they suggest, so I think I will follow that more than the stupid scale that might just be broken and stuck on 140 forevermore.

I am also hoping to have more energy now that I am no longer nursing Jack. He is fully weaned now which means I have my body back! I usually drop a few pounds when I wean, so maybe that will take me below my 1freaking40 and kick start another losing streak. We'll see. Either way, I have a renewed sense of motivation and enthusiasm for working out and I plan to use that to my advantage while it lasts.