Monday, February 28, 2011

Work Out Record 2-28 through 3-6

Monday 2/28
I ran 1 mile at 6.3 mph. I had to take 2 10 second breaks when my asthma started acting up. I then did a fast walk/ slow jog at 4.8 for another 1.1 miles.

We walked as a family to my friends house so I could drop something off. It is just past Emma's pre-school teacher's house, so I know the walk was at least half a mile.

Tuesday 3/1
I walked Emma to and from school. 1 mile. That's it. Lazy Mama day, I guess.

Wednesday 3/2
I didn't do anything today. I didn't feel good, but that is a lame excuse. I have run far when feeling much worse.

Thursday 3/3
I walked Emma to and from her piano lesson and to pre-school. I would have walked her home as well, but it started pouring right when we were about to leave. That makes 1.5 miles walking- most of that carrying Sara.

I ran 2.1 miles in 22 minutes.

Ross has tomorrow off, so I am hoping to ride my bike if the sun makes an appearance at some point.

Friday 3/4
We left the house at 11:30 and didn't get back until after midnight. I didn't work out, but I sure as heck did a lot of walking and a lot of clapping and a lot of carrying children.

Saturday 3/5
I ran 4.2 miles. I was trying to make up for the days I have missed this week. I did an 8 minute mile followed by a 12 minute fast walking mile followed by a 10 minute mile followed by a 15 minute walking mile. I feel awesome. It was a good little workout.

Sunday 3/6
I walked to choir and back, but I took the short cut so it was probably less than 1/3 of a mile. We wanted to walk to church, but it was all rainy.

I went 2 miles on the treadmill. One mile at 7 mph, and the other at a fast walk/slow jog at 4.6 mph.

**Weigh In**
I started the year at 155
Last week I was at 146
This week I am at 145

1 more pound down. That means I have 20 left till my goal. At this rate it will only take me 5 months to get there. . . :(

Aside from my issue with the scale, I feel really good. My clothes fit better, I am noticing more toned muscle mass and less jiggling in my legs and arms (which could be the problem with the scale), and I know I am getting stronger as I can run faster and longer without my asthma kicking in. I am also able to fast walk at paces that I could only run at when I first started. Moral of the story is, I feel good, and I hope to feel better by continuing to push myself and find time for working out.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Work-Out Record 2-21 through 2-27

Monday 2/21
I started at 6.3 mph and moved it down .1 mph every minute. It gave me a 10 minute mile followed by a 12 minute mile.

Also, last night I was still hurting on my left shoulder from sleeping weird while holding Jack, so I did the X-Stretch disc from the P-90x program.

Tonight when we got home from the store, Ross did the plyometrics video from the p-90x program. I joined after the first 20 minutes when I got the kids all happy and entertained. Even missing the first third- it was pretty intense, and I can tell my legs are gonna be burning tomorrow!

Tuesday 2/22
I ran 2.25 miles at 6.3 mph. I did it in lap lengths with quick breaks in between.
I walked Emma to and from pre-school, so that is 1 mile of walking outside.

Wednesday 2/23
Ross and I did the Kenpo disc from the P-90x program.

Thursday 2/24
Last week I got this 2 lb soft weight ball set and it came with a workout dvd. I did 20 minutes of the dvd. I am not sure how long it goes- Ross made me stop so he could watch the Big Bang Theory. . . In all honesty, I was dying by the time he stopped me. I was ready to stop. It worked all kinds of muscles that are now mad at me.

Friday 2/25
I started at 6.4 mph and moved down .1 mph every minute or so. I wasn't as exact today. I did 2.1 miles in 21 minutes.

I did the full soft weight ball disc. I was just curious how long it went. Turns out it is only 25 minutes, so I only missed the last 5 minutes. It is such a good workout. I love it. I don't think it is meant for back to back workouts though. I will definitely space it out a day or two next time.

Saturday 2/26
I have a dvd with 5 10 minute yoga workouts on it. I did 3 of them when I got home from a full day of partying for Emma's birthday tomorrow.

Sunday 2/27
I walked 2 miles at 4.7 mph

**Weigh In**
At the beginning of the year I was at 155.
Last week I was at 146.
This week I am at 146.

No change. :( I think I need to just stick to running. I like the other workouts and they give me variety- but running is really what sheds the weight for me. I need to focus on that first, and add to it rather than the other way around.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Take on Dieting

Whenever people find out I am working on losing weight, I get two responses. The first is of good wishes and encouragement, and the second is a question as to what diet I am following. Most people are surprised at my response.

I don't diet. Ever. I don't believe in diets.

I don't want to offend anyone who has found success in following diets, or who are working to follow a particular eating plan. I think it is great for anyone to try and make healthier lifestyle choices, and to try and change bad habits. Eating copious amounts of unhealthy food is definitely a bad habit that should be curbed.

The truth is, though, I don't believe in diets. I don't think they work. I think they can make temporary changes in a body's build and size- but those changes only ever last as long as the diet does, and I have yet to meet anyone on a diet who plans to stay on that diet forever.

Furthermore, I find the idea of dieting rather unhealthy. That might sound strange, but hear me out.

Food is a good thing. It is nutritious and delicious, and a way to bring people together and share experiences. I hate when people say food should be used only for nutritional purposes. I am certain that is not true nor what God intended.

I think there is a huge problem in having to quanitfy and evaluate every item you put inro your body. I don't see how anyone can be happy while tracking calories, filling out charts, and making eating a chore or a guilty pleasure.

There is a woman in my ward who swears by Weight Watchers- and she looks great. Really, she is stunning. She talks about it constantly and is like a walking advertisement for the program. That is very persuasive until you watch her habits. She carries around a tally card to mark down everything she consumes. At ward parties she talks about denying herself food all day so she can splurge on the goodies without going over her allotment for the day. Calories and points are on her mind all day every day. I doubt that she has just taken a bite of anything just to enjoy the beauty of well made food in years without first calculating the ingredients and point value of it.

All of that is enough to discourage me from such a practice, but add to that the fact that her daughters have taken on the sam habits, and it just disgusts me. At a primary activity, I heard her 10 year old daughter say that she never drank rootbeer because of all the calories in it, and that she wouldn't be able to eat lunch if she had her share of cookies at the event because it would use up all her points. 10 years old, and she can't enjoy a cookie. Not cool.

When I started looking into losing weight and exercising, I did my fair share of research on the subject. Reading about all the new (and old) diets just worked to reinforce my negative views about diets. Low Carb, Weight watchers, Nutrisystem, HCG, The Zone, all of them were based on self denial. You constantly DENY yourself things you want. This sends a message to your brain and body that there are things you want that you can't have. I don't know about you, but the minute I tell myself I can't have a piece of cake, all I want is a giant piece of cake. The second I say I am no longer going to drink carbonation, all I want is a 2 liter of Dr. Pepper all to myself.

Our bodies don't like be denied things- especially things it really wants. When you start that process of denial, the body generally responds by going into pseudo-starvation mode. It makes you feel hungrier than you are, and holds onto calories it doesn't really need. That is not healthy or useful or conducive to healthy habits or attitudes.

So, back to the original question- what diet am I using?

While I am not dieting, I have taken on a new habit concerning my eating habits that has made a huge difference for me. I think my body is super smart and it knows what it needs to do, and what it needs to have for it to accomplish all of those things it has to do. So, before I eat anything, I ask my body if it wants that.

I know that sounds weird, but think about it. How many times have you gorged yourself on food you thought you wanted only to feel sick, bloated, and regretful afterwards? How many times have you worked to clean your plate and ended up wishing you had just stopped when you first felt full?

Right now, I let my body tell me what it wants, and it does a pretty good job. I let it tell me when it is full, and I stop. When I have a choice between water and soda, I ask what will I enjoy most. Ususally it is water. Usually I choose not to eat a large portion of chips, cookies, or other unhealthy items not because I am dieting and am trying to keep from going over my calorie limit, but because when I really think about it, it doesn't sound good. I don't feel like I am denying myself anything, so I don't feel unhappy about any choices I make. I feel great!

I only have cake when cake sounds good, and surprisingly, steamed broccoli ends up sounding good a lot more often than cake when I ask my body about it, and when I do eat cake, I don't ever regret it, because it was something my body really wanted.

Please don't think I'm crazy. I'm not crazy- I'm just happy to be eating what I want to eat when I want to eat it, and am still losing weight and inches on a regular basis.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Work-Out Record 2-14 through 2-20

Monday 2/14
I didn't run today. It was Valentine's Day, so Ross and I wanted to spend our free time together isntead of tag teaming the kids and treadmill. I will do double tomorrow to make up for it.

Tuesday 2/15
I walked with my kids to Emma's pre-school and back twice (to drop her off and pick her up). We clocked it when she first started there, and it is a little over .25 miles there, so the double round trip makes for a mile of walking. That's all I did. Lame, I know- but better than nothing.

Wednesday 2/16
Emma was sick today, so I didn't get to walk her to pre-school and get that mile in. I kicked my butt on the treadmill though. I started at 6mph and stayed there for 5 minutes, and then went down .1 mph every minute after that. I hit 2.2 miles. I felt it too.

Thursday 2/17
I did the same thing as yesterday. It felt better today. I got the run in during Jack's nap so that if I have time to run tonight, I can make up for one of the 2 days when I didn't work out. I have a lesson to give in RS tonight though, so that might not happen.

OK I didn't run again, but I did walk to and from my church, and I took the long way home, so that is about .6 miles of walking. Ant it was cold. And I had a skirt on. Shivering burns calories, right?

Friday 2/18
I ran a full mile at 6 mph. 10 minute mile! I then alternated speed walking at 4.5 mph and slow jogging at 5 mph because my asthma was acting up. I got to 2.1 miles in 23 minutes.

Earlier in the day I walked around the block twice to try and return a borrowed book to a friend, so that is about .5 miles. Maybe a little more. I know these walking distances are nothing really, but I hope that as it starts to get warmer, I can get in the habit of walking or biking a mile or more with my family every day and then running on the treadmill as well.

Saturday 2/19
I didn't work out today. Ross and I were lazy all day.

Sunday 2/20
I walked 1.7 miles at 4.5. I moved the incline up to the highest in the first 5 minutes, and down slowly over the next 15.

**Weigh In**
I started the year at 155.
Last week I was at 147.
This week I am at 146.

1 more pound. Looks like the trend is sticking.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Work-Out Record 2-07 through 2-13

Monday 2/07
I walked 1.6 miles at 4.5 mph. I slowly moved the incline up to its maximum and then back down over the course of 20 mintues, so it was like walking up and back down a large hill.

Tuesday 2/08
I ran 1 mile at 6 mph!! A 10 minute mile! My motivation was that we got home late from the grocery store, and we wanted to watch a redbox movie we had rented, but I didn't want to miss a day of working out, so I just cranked it up and asked Ross to wait 10 minutes for me. I was wheezing the rest of the night thanks to my asthma, so it probably wasn't the smartest idea, but I felt good knowing I could do it. I will go back down a few notches tomorrow.

Wednesday 2/09
I did things a bit differently today. I started out at 6 mph and then lowered the speed .1 every minute. Just so you know, this makes for an 11 minute mile, and then the next .8 miles will take another 11 minutes, but a lot of that will be walking. It was a great workout and I really felt the burn by the end. I think I will do it again tomorrow, but I will stay a bit longer on the 6 mph setting to try and get a full 2 miles in. I just needed .2 more to get it to 2 miles in 22 minutes.

Thursday 2/10
I did the same thing as yesterday, except that I stayed at the 6 mph setting for 3 minutes so I could log a full 2 miles in 22 minutes. I like the way I feel after this kind of running, so I think I will keep at it, but will up the time I spend in the higher speeds as I get stronger. I need to get back into the pushups and situps as well. I have been lazy about those lately.

Friday 2/11
I tried to run farther on the 6mph setting without kicking up my asthma by doing it in lap lengths. I alternated between 6mph and 4.5 mph at intervals of
.25 miles until I hit 1.75 miles. I didn't like it as much as I thought I would. I think it is because I had to focus on the distance so much so I didn't just get lost in my show and forget about the running.

Saturday 2/12
I tried the lap thing again today but I only had time to do 1.25 miles. My family and I also walked around the ward delivering new VT routes and we walked to the church and back for family photos so that comes out to about 1.25 miles as well.

Sunday 2/13
I walked 1.5 miles as 4.5mph

**Weigh In**
I started the year at 155
Last week I was at 148
This week I am at 147

Another pound down. Not bad!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Work-Out Record 1-31 through 2-06

Monday 1/31
I didn't work out today. I am sick and have been hacking up a lung all day. I was still going to try and walk on the treadmill, but around noon my fever spiked and I felt my energy completely drain out of me. I tried to eat healthy, and I will attempt to work-out twice tomorrow depending on how I feel.

Tuesday 2/01
I am still coughing like crazy, but my fever broke last night which relieved my headache, so I feel MUCH better. I just walked 1.8 miles at 4.5mph. I couldn't go faster than that without my asthma coming out. I think my cold is making it stronger than normal. Since I can't run and sweat as hard right now, I am really concentrating on eating better and I still plan to try walking again if the baby goes down for another nap so I can make up for missing yesterday's work-out.

Wednesday 2/02
I am so sick. I went to the doctor and found that I had 102 degree fever and a sinus infection that caused a post nasal drip that went and caused a nice little case of pneumonia. Yuck. That is my was of saying I did not work out today. I have some medication though, so hopefully I will feel well enough to walk again tomorow.

Thursday 2/03
I walked 1.5 miles at 4.5. And then I died a little bit. I am still sick, but I am trying to push through it.

Friday 2/04
My inlaws are in town from California, so today was all about them. We didn't get home until late, and I was too dead to go walking. We did a lot of walking through stores today, though- so even though I don't know how to rate it, I know I did something.

Saturday 2/05
Happy Birthday Sara Bear! I didn't run today. I am feeling lots better though.

Sunday 2/06
We had another party for Sara, so I didn't run again. This next week will have to be better. I am feeling lots better, but I am worried I will have to start back at square one with the running. Oh well. That's just how it goes.

**Weigh In**
I started the year at 155.
Last week I was at 150.
This week I am at 148.

I lost 2 pounds even with not working out a few days. Mark that on the pro-side of being rediculously sick.