Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A New Week

Monday 4/25
I ran a 5K in 31 minutes. I did 2.5 miles at 6.5 mph and then finished it out at 5 mph. It felt really good and natural. My shoulder was sore after that, but it wasn't as bad as I anticipated, so I will try again tomorrow.

Tuesday 4/26
I walked Emma to school, but it was snowing when it was time to pick her up, so I only walked half a mile. While Emma was at school I ran a 5K in 32 minutes. My shoulder started hurting really bad when I was done.

Wednesday 4/27
I was up all night with Jack last night. ALL Night. Ross and I got about 2 hours of sleep, so today my head is hurting and my shoulder is on FIRE. Ross even stayed home from work to try and help me, and to get some rest for himself. Because of all that, I didn't go running. We did walk to the library and back as a family so we got almost 2 miles walking in.

Thursday 4/28
My shoulder feels much better today. I ran 2.1 miles before Jack woke up from his nap. I hope to try and get that extra mile in when Jack either goes down for another nap, or Ross comes home

Monday, April 18, 2011

Back in the Saddle- 4/18 through 4/24

Monday 4/18
I am sick. I have a silly cold. I get one of these every time the barometric pressure shifts too quickly, which means I get at least one every time the seasons change. It is not terrible and I can function just fine but I feel achy and miserable. I was also very busy today. I had to catch up with some work and play with my kids, and I did most of that with Jack on my hip because he is not very chipper right now either and he refused to take a nap, which is usually the only time I can find to work out.

I kept trying to use all those things as excuses to skip my run today, but my conscience and my hatred of the unmoving scale won over and I ran that blasted 5k in 34 minutes. I feel gross now, my asthma hit hard and my chest is burning. My legs are all jelloy (its a word- trust me) and my head is fuzzy and hazy. Amidst all those negative feelings, however, I feel pretty proud of myself. I pushed through and hopefully got my exercise routine back on track after last week's patheticness.

Tuesday 4/19
I did my 5K in 34 minutes. I had to take a few ten second breathers in the last mile, but I did it. My asthma wasn't as bad today, so I hope that means this cold is on its way OUT.

Wednesday 4/20
I ran the 5K in 32 minutes with a very necessary potty break in the middle. I don't feel very good right now though. I think I pushed it too hard there at the end.

Thursday- Sunday
Thursday morning I woke up with a terrible pain in my shoulder. From some hunting on the internet and Ross rubbing it we have decided that my rotator cuff is pulled and maybe torn. I have been icing it and trying to take it easy because it really hurts a lot. That means no running happened for the tail end of the week.

**Weigh In**
I started the year at 155
Last week I was at 140
This week I am at 139

I am so relieved to have gone down even with few workouts and an Easter holiday thrown in there!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


I ran a 5k on Monday in 29 minutes. It was my fastest ever. And that is it. It was Spring Break so Emma didn't have school. I didn't go walking or anything. I just worked and played with my kids and cleaned my house. The good news is I didn't gain any weight. I am still at 140. The bad news is I enjoyed my time off of the treadmill, and it is taking some major pep-talking and motivating to get me ready to hit it hard again this next week. I have GOT to break through this silly plateau, and I am not going to do that with more weeks like this. I plan on doing a daily 5K again, and I already have healthy meals planned out for every night (except tomorrow night- we have a family night planned that includes In-N-Out and Harry Potter. . .). Here's to an active and healthy week, and hopefully some movement on the scale that hates me.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Work Out Record 4-4 Through 4-11

Monday 4/4
I ran a 5K in 36 minutes. Slower than normal, but just as sweaty. :)

Tuesday 4/5
I walked Emma to and from Pre-School and carried Sara most of the way so that was a mile.

I ran a 5K in 33 minutes while Emma was at school.

Wednesday 4/6
I walked Emma to her piano lesson (her teacher is going to Disney Land so we changed the day this week) and then took Sara to the park and then walked back to get Emma and go home. It was probably not a full mile but I'm sure it was close.

I ran a 5K in 34 minutes when Ross got home to watch the baby who refused to nap.

Thursday 4/7
I walked Emma to and from school carrying Sara in crazy wind. It was seriously crazy wind. It felt like resistance training almost. It was a mile.

I ran a 5K in 38 minutes while Emma was at school. I almost stopped after 2 miles. I was hurting. I even got ready for a shower when I decided to just finish off the last 1.1 miles. I'm glad I did.

Friday 4/8
I woke up with a migraine. I tried drinking water, stretching, eating, and taking some of my medication, but nothing would touch it. I even cancelled lunch with Emily because I didn't want to drive in the snow with this pain.

That doesn't really mean anything except that I still got on that blasted treadmill and did a 5K in 34 minutes while Jack was napping. My head still hurts, but it didn't get any worse, so that is something I would say.

Saturday 4/9
Ross and I walked around so much today that my feet were aching by the end of the day. I have no idea how far it was, but it ranged all through the mall, all through Costco, through 3 different Walgreens, around the Riverwoods and up and down the Marriott Center.

Sunday 4/10
I walked to and from Choir practice.
Ross and I went on a nice little walk with the kids. Probably about half a mile. Maybe more.

**Weigh In**
I started the year at 155.
Last week I was at 140.
This week I am at 140.

No change. :(