Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It Has Been a While...

I have been exercizing, but not as much or as hard. We had things like birthdays and vacations and recovering from vacations that got in the way. I am back though, and ready to continue losing this chub. I weighed in and found that through all the laziness, I ended up back at my good friend 140. Blegh. I stayed there for WEEKS last time. I have got to get back to the 130s this week! So, here we go again!

Monday, June 14
I ran 4 miles at the track near our house. Emma and Sara both ran 2 laps with me, and Emma rode her bike for 2 laps with me. It slowed me down to have them with me, but it was fun and I didn't mind. Ross got out there for a mile as well, and while I was running, he got a good workout playing basketball. Hopefully this will become a regular thing.

We ran again on Tuesday, worked in the garden on Wednesday and Friday, and I ran at the park on Saturday while Emma was at her piano lesson.

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