Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm Still Going

I have been working out like crazy, I just haven't been posting about it. I stopped the Hip Hop Abs these last couple of weeks because I just haven't had the time. I plan to start again on Monday and hopefully Ross will do it with me again.

I go to exercise group M W and F every week. I didn't go last week because of Emma's surgery, but other than that, I have been faithful. They work it hard! I love it!

I walk Sara to preschool on T and TH which is a mile. I walk Emma to and from school every day which is 3 miles (.75 from my house to the school.) I walk to and from church (which is .25 miles from my house) for Relief Society and church meetings. I walk to any other meetings or groups that I might have be it for my callings, Book Club, Bunco, Choir or anything else. Basically, I walk AT LEAST 3 miles a day, usually much more than that.

I do stretching at home every day to help my shoulder and my legs. A while back I slept funny and ended up with a terribly painful right shoulder. It hasn't felt right since. The days I stretch seem to make it better, so hopefully it will feel normal agan soon.

I won a Biggest Loser DVD at Bunco last month, and I plan to use that more often since it is full of 10 minute work outs. I tend to brush off the Hip Hop Abs workouts because they take 30 minutes and I don't always have the time. I KNOW I don't have to do the whole thing, but that is what I tell myself. 10 minutes, however, is totally doable!

Anyway- the point of this post is to say that I have been working out. I feel healther now than I have in a long time. I am eating better, drinking more water, and even on the days I don't do a formal workout, I am walking a 5K just with my normal mommy duties.

I haven't stepped on the scale in a while, so I don't know where I'm at there. Ross actually hid it from me because I was getting so upset with my lack of progress. It helped. He is a smart cookie, that guy!

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