Friday, January 28, 2011

Why I'm Doing This

I am a 26 year old mother of three. I work a part time job from home, have extensive responsibilities in my church, and currently homeschool my two oldest children. All of that compounded with my large litany of excuses has resulted in a nice little 54 pound addition to my body sine I got married 6 1/2 years ago. Not great.

When I met and dated my husband, I was in fine form. I was 98 pounds and was lean and healthy thanks to my place on the college ballroom team, and my personal efforts to keep up my running routine.

Then I got married and took on a full-time job on top of my full-time schooling on top of my new role as wife. This necessitated giving up my spot on the ballroom team, and spending my regular working out moments doing homework. I gained my first 15 pounds (which may not seem like a lot, but remember that is a 15% increase in my body mass) the first year of marriage.

Then I got pregnant. The rest is a 54 pound history, that I am now ready to combat. Some of my dearest friends have created blogs to document their weight loss efforts and workout history. I thought this was an awesome idea as it provides a place to record the thoughts, feelings, setbacks, triumphs, and ideas that always accompany goals such as this.

So- that is my story. I hope to run and crunch and pushup my way out of at least 30 of these pounds. I think 125 is a good healthy weight for a woman of my stature. Aside from that, I have a closet full of clothes that are waiting for me to look good in again. If the scale doesn't want to cooperate, as scales are often wont to do, then I will gague my success based on how I fit and feel in the clothing that looked and felt good on me when I was closer to my target weight.

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