Friday, January 28, 2011

Work-Out Record 1-28 through 1-30

Friday 1/28
I did NOT want to run today. I am sick. I feel awful. My throat hurts and my head is foggy and I ache all over. Not awesome. When the baby went down for a rare nap, however, I kicked my butt into gear.

I ran a mile at 5.7. It was rough, and I was making a fool of myself at the end trying to get myself to finish it. "Come on! You're so close. Keep it up. Don't quit now. 0.3 more to go- that's not so hard!" See, this is why I can't do a gym. People would stare and worry, and slowly walk away and avoid eye contact.

After the mile I put it all the way down to 4, and walked while doing Kenpo arm movements. When I caught my breath a bit, I put the incline up to 10, and then moved it down 2 notches every minute. That meant it took 5 minutes to get back down to level. At that point I had hit 1.5 miles, and I was so done with the treadmill.

There was still some time left on my Friends episode, so I did 75 crunches- 25 regular and 25 on each oblique, and 30 push ups in two sets of 15.

I am tired and so gross feeling, but I am proud of myself for keeping my goal and pushing myself as hard as I did. I think I will shower and then try and sleep while the baby is still out.

Saturday 1/29
I ran a mile at 5.7, then cooled down for .75 miles by slowly decreasing the speed to a fast walk over the space of 7 minutes. That 5.7 speed was not any easier than it was yesterday, so I will probably stay on it again tomorrow.

I did 100 situps in sets of 25- 50 regular, and 25 on each oblique. I also did 60 push-ups in sets of 15, which was really hard for the last two sets as the baby was crawling all over and around me. He was very cute, and I am sure he was trying to be motivating.

I weigh in tomorrow, so we will see if my weight depicts all this hard work. My dad asked if I had lost weight when I was at his house today, and that made me feel happy, so even if that scale hates on me, I will feel like I have accomplished something.

Sunday 1/30
1 mile at 5.8. From there I lowered the speed .1mph every 30 seconds until I hit 5mph at which point I started waiting a full minute to lower it. I did another full mile.

**Weigh In**
I started the year at 155.
Last week I was at 151.
This week I am at 150.

That is 1 pound per week. Not great poundage wise, but my runs feel easier and more natural, my pants fit better, and 3 people have asked if I am losing weight. Suck it, scale! :) Ross thinks I am gaining muscle because of my push-ups. Whatever it is, I am trying not to get discouraged and just keep running.

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  1. Amanda, you are AWESOME! I don't think you're really supposed to lose much more than 1 to 1.5 pounds per week anyway. I swear after this baby is done being borned, I am going to start one of these here blogs. I am pretty sure I am going to be huge.