Monday, March 21, 2011

Work-Out Record for 3-21 through 3-27

  1. Monday 3/21 I did a 5k in 30 minutes. The first mile was an 8 minute mile that almost killed me. After an emergency potty run, I did a 10 minute mile. Then I took a quick break to switch the Friends disc followed by a 12 minute mile that was a slow jog/ fast walk deal. It was a good run and I feel awesome and relaxed even though dinner was later than usual which means bedtime was later than usual. Oh well.

  2. Tuesday 3/22 I walked Emma to pre-school and back, so that is 1 mile. I ran 1 mile on teh treadmill.

  3. Wednesday 3/23 I didn't do anything today. I had a migraine all day due to lack of sleep. Jack is in a growth spurt or something right now, so I was up a lot feeding him.

  4. Thursday 3/24 I walked Emma to pre-school, and then took a detour over to a friends house to let her borrow our book club book, and then over to another friend's house to drop off some frozen meals for RS. The detour was probably a good half mile, which means I did a good mile. That was good since Emma's piano lesson was cancelled, and then I had to drive to pick her up because it was snowing. I did a fast walk for 2 miles on the treadmill.

  5. Friday 3/25 I ran a 5k on the treadmill switching around between 5 mph and 6 mph. My asthma was bugging me a lot, but I pushed through. Now I feel yucky. oh well.

  6. Saturday 3/26 I did some pushups and lunges with my girls while Ross was working an overtime shift.

  7. Sunday 3/27 I walked to and from choir. That is probably all I will do. I have a really bad headache again today. I plan to curl up and die/nap while Ross goes home teaching.

**Weigh In**

  • I started the year at 155

  • Last week I was at 142

  • This week I am at 140.

2 pounds! Yay! I hope to do a 5k every day this next week, so hopefully it will be more than that next Sunday.

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