Thursday, March 31, 2011

Work Out Record 3-28 Through 4-4

Monday 3/28
I ran a 5K in 34 minutes.

Tuesday 3/29
I walked Emma to and from school. We also walked to a friend's house to drop off some things, and over to another friend's house to contribute to her scentsy order. I think in all we probably walked close to 2 miles since we took the long way home all three times.

While Emma was at pre-school, I ran 2 miles in 22 minutes. I couldn't get the last 1.1 miles in because Jack woke up from his nap earlier than I anticipated.

Wednesday 3/30
I played with the kids in the park behind our house. I didn't do any running or formal exercise. I was feeling tired and yucky.

Thursday 3/31
I walked Emma to and from her piano lessons and pre-school, so that is 1.5 miles. While Emma was at her piano lesson, Sara and I walked to a different park so we could have some fun together in the sun while Emma was at her lesson. I would say it added on at least another .5 mile.

I ran a 5K in 34 minutes while Emma was at pre-school.

Friday 4/1
This was Ross's day off, so we went shopping and did some fun walks with the kids. I have no idea how far we walked but my feet sure hurt!

Saturday 4/2
I didn't do anything. It was a lazy conference day.

Sunday 4/3
This was another lazy conference day- only I ate a whole lot of stuff today so it was even worse than yesterday. :(

**Weigh In**
I started the year at 155
Last week I was at 140
This week I am at 140

No change- I blame it on my heavy eating low moving weekend. At least there was no gain. . .

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