Monday, February 28, 2011

Work Out Record 2-28 through 3-6

Monday 2/28
I ran 1 mile at 6.3 mph. I had to take 2 10 second breaks when my asthma started acting up. I then did a fast walk/ slow jog at 4.8 for another 1.1 miles.

We walked as a family to my friends house so I could drop something off. It is just past Emma's pre-school teacher's house, so I know the walk was at least half a mile.

Tuesday 3/1
I walked Emma to and from school. 1 mile. That's it. Lazy Mama day, I guess.

Wednesday 3/2
I didn't do anything today. I didn't feel good, but that is a lame excuse. I have run far when feeling much worse.

Thursday 3/3
I walked Emma to and from her piano lesson and to pre-school. I would have walked her home as well, but it started pouring right when we were about to leave. That makes 1.5 miles walking- most of that carrying Sara.

I ran 2.1 miles in 22 minutes.

Ross has tomorrow off, so I am hoping to ride my bike if the sun makes an appearance at some point.

Friday 3/4
We left the house at 11:30 and didn't get back until after midnight. I didn't work out, but I sure as heck did a lot of walking and a lot of clapping and a lot of carrying children.

Saturday 3/5
I ran 4.2 miles. I was trying to make up for the days I have missed this week. I did an 8 minute mile followed by a 12 minute fast walking mile followed by a 10 minute mile followed by a 15 minute walking mile. I feel awesome. It was a good little workout.

Sunday 3/6
I walked to choir and back, but I took the short cut so it was probably less than 1/3 of a mile. We wanted to walk to church, but it was all rainy.

I went 2 miles on the treadmill. One mile at 7 mph, and the other at a fast walk/slow jog at 4.6 mph.

**Weigh In**
I started the year at 155
Last week I was at 146
This week I am at 145

1 more pound down. That means I have 20 left till my goal. At this rate it will only take me 5 months to get there. . . :(

Aside from my issue with the scale, I feel really good. My clothes fit better, I am noticing more toned muscle mass and less jiggling in my legs and arms (which could be the problem with the scale), and I know I am getting stronger as I can run faster and longer without my asthma kicking in. I am also able to fast walk at paces that I could only run at when I first started. Moral of the story is, I feel good, and I hope to feel better by continuing to push myself and find time for working out.

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  1. I am so proud of you! Grant decided we needed to work out before I found this blog, so he got up early with me for I think 3 mornings. He has quit but I am still going. I do a work out video "four fast miles". It is kinda boring but I am sweating and losing a little weight. If the weather ever gets warmer I will take to the road. Good luck and keep it up, and keep your husband on track too. Just moving more makes me feel better, I hope for you too:-)