Monday, February 21, 2011

Work-Out Record 2-21 through 2-27

Monday 2/21
I started at 6.3 mph and moved it down .1 mph every minute. It gave me a 10 minute mile followed by a 12 minute mile.

Also, last night I was still hurting on my left shoulder from sleeping weird while holding Jack, so I did the X-Stretch disc from the P-90x program.

Tonight when we got home from the store, Ross did the plyometrics video from the p-90x program. I joined after the first 20 minutes when I got the kids all happy and entertained. Even missing the first third- it was pretty intense, and I can tell my legs are gonna be burning tomorrow!

Tuesday 2/22
I ran 2.25 miles at 6.3 mph. I did it in lap lengths with quick breaks in between.
I walked Emma to and from pre-school, so that is 1 mile of walking outside.

Wednesday 2/23
Ross and I did the Kenpo disc from the P-90x program.

Thursday 2/24
Last week I got this 2 lb soft weight ball set and it came with a workout dvd. I did 20 minutes of the dvd. I am not sure how long it goes- Ross made me stop so he could watch the Big Bang Theory. . . In all honesty, I was dying by the time he stopped me. I was ready to stop. It worked all kinds of muscles that are now mad at me.

Friday 2/25
I started at 6.4 mph and moved down .1 mph every minute or so. I wasn't as exact today. I did 2.1 miles in 21 minutes.

I did the full soft weight ball disc. I was just curious how long it went. Turns out it is only 25 minutes, so I only missed the last 5 minutes. It is such a good workout. I love it. I don't think it is meant for back to back workouts though. I will definitely space it out a day or two next time.

Saturday 2/26
I have a dvd with 5 10 minute yoga workouts on it. I did 3 of them when I got home from a full day of partying for Emma's birthday tomorrow.

Sunday 2/27
I walked 2 miles at 4.7 mph

**Weigh In**
At the beginning of the year I was at 155.
Last week I was at 146.
This week I am at 146.

No change. :( I think I need to just stick to running. I like the other workouts and they give me variety- but running is really what sheds the weight for me. I need to focus on that first, and add to it rather than the other way around.

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